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All products of the LEMARK trademark are manufactured in accordance with European standards.


Brand history

LEMARK is a European brand of premium sanitary ware, founded in 2009. We began our history with the production of small series of faucets made of brass and stainless steel which immediately attracted the attention of buyers mainly due to their quality. Today LEMARK offers more than 1000 models and 70 collections of faucets designed according to the technical and aesthetic requirements of consumers.

LEMARK production is located in the Czech Republic, China and Uzbekistan. Choice of each
production site is driven by the technical features of products.

We use only the most durable and safe materials and components from well-known global manufacturers and maintain a strict control the quality of our products at all stages of production from design development to testing at special stands.

Every day more than 150 specialists work to improve design and technical specifications to provide our customers with the best quality, thoughtful functionality and impeccable aesthetics. No matter what design you prefer, you will definitely find the right faucet at LEMARK and you will be able to create a unique atmosphere in the interior of your kitchen and bathroom.

LEMARK means confidence in the right choice!