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All products of the LEMARK trademark are manufactured in accordance with European standards.


Lemark. Attention to details.

The history of LEMARK began in 2009 with just 10 series of faucets, in 2012 our range increase twofold and now LEMARK catalog includes more than 60 series and has not only faucets but also a wide range of accessories.
We work around the clock developing new designs, improving technical characteristics and eco-friendliness characteristics of our products and we can guarantee the strictest quality control at all stages of production.
LEMARK faucets and accessories are used not only in apartments and private households, but also in gyms, laboratories, hospitals, educational institutions, various public places, as well as in organizations where special requirements for water quality are required.
LEMARK provides an extensive list of warranty and post-warranty services, for example LEMARK service centers are open in more than 100 cities of Eastern Europe.
It is utterly important for us that everyone who has purchased LEMARK products is confident in making the right choice!